Illusion of home, as a memory (Ενθύμιο από το Πάσχα / Keepsake from Easter)
Ceramic roof tiles, oil on canvas
180 x 180 x 8 cm

My grandmother would send photographs to her relatives in Greece from the United States. The words are written in purist Greek (καθαρεύουσα) and read ‘Keepsake from Easter from all of us to remember us’. Memory and the monumental become a tool to revive nostalgic moments through text and language rather than through the representation of the human figure. The painting is balanced on a pile of ceramic roof tiles, traditionally used in Greek architecture, adding a sculptural element to the work. The deposition of the painting from the wall not only reveals its structural elements but also the weight of the object itself, which can be tied conceptually to the weight of cultural inheritance that is passed down through generations.

© Nicole Economides