Illusion of home, as a memory (Η κουζίνα του μαγαζιού / The kitchen of the restaurant)
Oil on canvas, two tin feta barrels
170 x 180 x 13 cm

My grandmother would send photographs to her relatives in Greece from the United States. The words are written in purist Greek (καθαρεύουσα) and read ‘Here is the kitchen of the restaurant’. Memory and the monumental become a tool to revive nostalgic moments through text and language. The painting is balanced on two tin feta barrels. Feta was the dominant recipe ingredient in my family's restaurant in Brooklyn, from which the livelihood of two generations were dependent on. As an attempt to match this sentiment, the tin barrels are meant to act as the base for the painting that is dedicated to the family record of that time period. The deposition of the painting from the wall not only reveals its structural elements but also the weight of the object itself, which can be tied conceptually to the weight of cultural inheritance that is passed down through generations.

© Nicole Economides