blue on red I (2019)
monoprint on handmade paper
29.7 x 22 inches (75,4 x 55,8 cm)

blue on red II (2019)
monoprint on handmade paper
29.7 x 22 inches (75,4 x 55,8 cm)


Blue on Red I (2019) and Blue on Red II (2019) are the first works of a series of mono prints that initiated the experimentation with writing as drawing.   The process of mono printing is that I draw on plexiglass and then put it through a press with paper. The image that is transferred onto the paper is a mirror image of the drawing I initially created. Choosing a block of red as my base, I then started, quite mindlessly, playing around with writing blue continuously onto the plexiglass, as a joke. The words were in Greek and I was writing blue over and over again on a bright red background, so the joke would only be apparent to myself, or to anyone who happened to read Greek. After repeating this process with more prints I realised the importance of this gesture to my practice. The mirror image is always a reality out of our reach, that seems attainable but is never truly accessible, as are the Greek letters, which also relate to origin and history. For me “drawing” these words in this manner was a way to deconstruct feelings of opacity and confusion around the notion of identity and belonging.

© Nicole Economides