dys/utopia (2021)
two digital image projections on abandoned billboard in Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece
dimensions variable


“Which is this exotic utopia?”, and “The sun warms my face”, are the phrases that were typed in greek letters and backwards on a blue screen and then projected onto an abandoned billboard that is located on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. The words “exotic” and “utopia” refer to Greece as a tourist destination which is seen as an escape for the “hardworking 1%”, while simultaneously being a dystopia for many citizens that live and work there. The commercial myth behind Greece, its geographical beauty, hospitality, great food in fact is a mirage and connects to the phenomenology of beauty. The significance of the billboard alludes to advertising but in reality this particular sign cannot be seen from street view, eliminating its usage for commercials. For me it is a space that is not defined, a heterotrophic site that lingers between utopia and dystopia.

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