easter in brooklyn (2021)
silkscreen print on paper, 19.6 x 13.7 inches (50 x 35 cm) (each)

installation view from group show:
“Getting out of Zola” (17/2/2022-20/2/2022), PS: Communitism, Athens, Greece.


Easter in Brooklyn
(2021) speaks to the heterotypic spaces, as are described by Michel Foucault in his lecture Of Other Spaces, that are created by the migrant family groups. Taking into consideration the ‘exotification’ of the destination and the demystification of reality. This work is a continuation of the site specific installation dys/utopia (2021) presented as part of Materia Prima, a project founded by Katerina Botsari in August 2021 on the island of Cephalonia. This work was exhibited at PS: Communitism as part of the group show Getting out of Zola, curated by Katerina Botsari.

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